The attraction where is famous for Sydney Opera House. In my case, it’s the most special experience for me. Also it’s my first time to travel by myself with foreign friends including two Taiwanese, five Japanese, a Colombian. Here is not only a beautiful encounter, this blog record of my tracks in Sydney including the humanistic feelings and travel experience.Furthermore, we chose the airline virgin.The price not only was 2 times more expensive than usual, but it was a unforgettable tour.


【行程Itinerary:環形碼頭Circular Quay→雪梨港灣大橋Harbour Bridge→雪梨歌劇院內部參觀Sydney opera House→海德公園Hyde Park→牛津街Oxford Street

當我一踏上這裡時,我一點都不想離開這裡,因為太浪漫了、太美了! 這裡有許多五星級郵輪及船隻靠岸在此,風景美麗至極;許多來自世界各地的遊客聚集在此,隨手一拍處處是風景,美得像一幅畫,沿岸的露天酒吧更是讓自己覺得戀愛在其中了。

When I came here, I didn’t want to leave here. It’s so romantic and beautiful. What’s more, there were a lot of  five-star cruise ships and tourists from around the world gathering here. I walked along the river I fell in love. 


Harbour Bridge has length of 503 meters, 49 meters wide and eight lanes. When we were traveling by train on the bridge, along with a wide field of vision was great. Right hand side is Sydney Opera House.


I think that is the closest distance between Sydney Opera House and me. We have visited the inside tour in English and spent 1 hours understanding about its story.


Because of the construction didn’t match with the original creator of the design concept.Unfortunately, He didn’t see his product until he dead.

海德公園很大,是一個很慵懶的地方,在這邊看到許多金髮碧眼躺在這邊曬太陽、閱讀與野餐。另外牛津街是一個充滿old school的品味,老實說在這邊我感受到了時尚,是我很喜歡的風格;只是服飾價位很高。

Hyde Park where is large and relax place. We saw many blonde lie down at park for reading,picnic. After that, we hung aroung at Oxford Street. To be honest , I felt fashion here and that is my favorite style but it’s too expensive. 


【行程Itinerary:藍山國家公園Blue Mountain National Park→回音谷 Echo Point→三姊妹岩The three sisters

不得不說我真的是害怕到腳沒力了;當我們在般爬岩石要去三姊妹岩時,她非常的陡峭,旁邊只有扶把,不過當我們抵達時真的是風景很美。但更害怕的是在回程中攀爬時,我人生中第一次腿軟就在這個時候,因為實在是高到不行,深怕自己往後仰啊! 終於體會什麼叫做走在懸岩邊的窘境。

I have to say I was really scared when we were climbing to the three sisters. When we arrived, I was surprised because of beautiful scenery. The much more scared was going back.Finally I realized what was called walking on the edge of the cliff dilemma.


We took the railway, cableway, skyway. More special was railway which is the most steep in the world inclined 52 degrees trolley track.In the return trip because there was no bus arrived at the station, we were looking for the methods to go back. Something bad happened, the local company bus drivers was very rude, he said “You stayed here could not die, you were able to go back by walking.” This is what I heard the worst dialogue,then I called a taxi driver.They said no problem but did not give any information. 


【行程Itinerary:雪梨歌劇院等待煙火 Waiting for firework


I think how much special this year is. We began to line up at 9:30 in the morning.Not only had sun burn , I also knew a cute girl here from Brazil, we have chatted each other and played UNO.


I must share the New Year’s Eve experience. I think Taiwan really should learn.Here beyond my imagination.They limited the crowd flow, so we could lie down. The best thing was their flow toilets which were clean.


I love romantic New Year’s Eve and everyone was swaying with music. What a fashion party was.


【行程Itinerary:達令港Darling Harbour→海扇灣Cockle Bay→維多利亞女王大樓Queen Victoria Building→George Street

就如旅遊書上所說,這裡飽覽水岸風情,更特別的是我在這邊與我一年多未見的好友SlowChen重逢,由於今天是最後一天,我們閒晃在這邊;另外很特別的是這邊的大橋竟然可以截成3段讓大型船隻通過,實在太科技化了! 在異國與好友見面真的是最開心的事不過了! 謝謝在2015有嶄新的開始及紀念價值的旅遊體驗。

As the travel books introduces, here is relax. The most important was I met my close friend, Iris and  we didn’t meet at least one year each other.In addition, it was the last day in Sydney, so we hung around here relaxed.Also more special is the side of the bridge can cut into three sections to allow large ships through.Finally,thanks for a new beginning of 2015 and I had a wonderful tourist experience.

《旅遊插曲》 喜歡正在旅行的自己,不管是行程住宿等規劃習慣了親自參與;是投抱獨立還是讓人依賴?依如往常似乎掌控權又在我手中了,不知道是語言不通、沒意見還是沒方向感,永遠問不到答案。