澳洲墨爾本│墨爾本Melbourne Australia Mt.Buller4天3夜滑雪遊


It’s the second time I have been to Melbourne in 2015. Last time I spent 5 days traveling around Melbourne as possible as I could, but I was able to ski except in the winter. Fortunately, before leaving, I decided to venture on skiing at Mt. Buller. During the vacation, I focus on skiing and arts with my friend, Fa.

《Day 1

【Itinerary: Centre PI&Degraves St→Collins St→The  Block Arcade→Royal Arcade→GPO→Little Collins street→Melbourne Central → flinders street station】


Degraves St is my favorite street in Melbourne, cause these are diverse food,dessert and drinks. What’s more, the waiter and waitress were so passion for serving. After landing, we cost around 1.5 hours to have lunch to feel the unique atmosphere. In my opinion, nobody may not deny the perfect place. In addition, its location is located between the main roads Swanston St. and Elizabeth St., it’s so convenient to go where you want.   


Those graffiti are amazing especially this one, it’s like a real old man in front of me. When we were strolling the streets, we encountered two old man who smiled at me with their camera. That’s very simple way to express friendliness. After that, we started to shopping by walking till at night.

《Day 2》



I was so excited to ski and I was just like a little girl. The reason was I had never seen snow before I went to Mt. Buller. We booked a day tour to learn a ski lesson for 1 hour , but the fact was our instructor was not pretty good actually. He was teaching and talking his phone at the same time. What’s more, when we were skiing for practice , he was gone. We were not able to fin d him. So ridiculous definitely. 


Honestly, it’s so professional, hard, exciting sport. Before skiing, you should make sure everything is ready. Firstly, we rent a jacket and plants to keep warm, the boots were too heavy to walk. We were just like old ladies to walk slowly. I felt tired to lift the ski up, it’s extremely heavy for us.

教練教我們如何煞車,僅此而已。因為我們是初學者,還無法控制左右轉,我覺得下盤跟腳力要非常的穩,才能煞得住。遺憾的是,會跌倒通常就是因為煞不住且速度太快,而雙腳發抖很無法控制方向。在學員練習區練習中,因為教練都在旁邊所以比較安全,我在練習的一次中無法控制撞上前面的教練,他很厲害的是還可以抓住我然後在斜坡上停止,很溫柔得說「you’re good, don’t worry」。


We learned how to stop only, we didn’t know how to turn left or right. We were beginner for ski. Stupidly, we went to a challenger place to ski so that I was not able to ski slowly. Also I did not have enough brave actually. It’s so awful, cause I was not able to control the direction at all.



What’s even worse, I fell down twice so that I was not able to stand up by myself. As a result ,  the freezing weather made me upset. I couldn’t’ do anything just seated on the snow. The good thing is the scenery was fabulous so I took a selfie and look people who enjoyed skiing. Around 15 minutes, a friendly man gave me his hands to help me stand up to avoid suffering from illness.  


To be honest, I still consider it was perfect experience I gained. If I have more opportunities to ski, I would try again as possible as I can. As far as I am concerned, the sport is suitable for young people, because it needs more balance and physical force. Therefore, please don’t waste the time before we are getting old.

《Day 3》

【 Itinerary:St. Paul’s Cathedral  Nation Gallery of Victoria →South Bank】 


I prayed a while and seated here to feel peaceful and quiet. The Cathedral is spectacular whose walls and furnishings are historic.


I expected to visit NGV International where is super big I have ever seen. We didn’t pay much attention to understand whole display which was included Asian Arts and European Arts such as sculpture, paintings as well , we still spent at least 2 hours visiting. 

《Day 4》

【 Itinerary: Harbour Town Shopping Centre→ Waterfront City → flinders street station 】


Those places made me disappoint actually, there are only few stores, and most of shops are vacant. As a result, we just walked along with the river to take city circle tram back to the center of city.  

Yesterday was my last day in Melbourne; I don’t know when I would come back again actually. It’s my favorite city in AU, I love buildings, dessert, and street performers. See you!